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By submitting my written work via this online form, I hereby consent to and authorize the non-exclusive use by And Then What Happens podcast (hereafter referred to as the “Publisher”), of the written work submitted via this form, in its entirety, hereafter referred to as the “Property”, for the purposes of publishing the Property on the podcast And Then What Happens.

I understand that, except for the specific non-exclusive authorization set forth in this agreement, all rights in and to the Property described in this release are retained by the undersigned. For the avoidance of doubt, this agreement does not grant the Publisher any feature film, broadcast television or physical print rights in connection with the Property.

I certify that I am the original creator of, and hold lawful copyright to, the Property as submitted via this form, and that I possess the legal authority to negotiate with third parties regarding its use and publication. I further certify that as of the date of this submission no pre-existing contracts, which would invalidate this agreement or limit the Publisher's execution of it, have been made with other parties.

I consent to the use of either my legal name or, if I so desire, a fictitious pen name, in conjunction with the publication of the Property.

I acknowledge and agree that, unless such arrangements have been made separately in writing, that I will not receive any monetary compensation from the Publisher in exchange for the publishing of the Property, and that does not entitle me to royalty payments, or to any share of revenue that the Publisher may receive from advertising, donations or other means.

I understand that if monetary compensation in exchange for the use of the Property is deemed either desirable or necessary on my part, as a condition of publication, that I should not submit my work directly via the submissions page, but shall make contact with the Publisher directly in order to negotiate such payments. Should I proceed with submitting my work via the submissions page, I consent to the publication of the Property without compensation.

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